Saturday, January 05, 2013

Surreal, Silver Saturday

It started out quite normally, with my 7:30am class starting on-time.

Then, we had a new year's party with the other class, only to find out that a lot of the students weren't informed of it. Now that was odd.

After that, my 3rd class left school for our scheduled field trip to Marikina.

Here's where it becomes really surreal. Our trip to Marikina ended up as a trip to the E.R. of Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center! Is that a detour or is that a detour?

After a few hours, things were back to normal, and our planned class lunch in Marikina ended up as a very late class lunch at Papa John's near the school.

Thankfully, the day ended on a high note, literally. My friends had a ticket to spare, so we watched the repeat of Regine's Silver Concert. I think Denise described the concert perfectly when he said that it was a 4B concert: Buwis-buhay, basag-baga concert.

Whew! What a Saturday it was.

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