Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poor Zipper

This conversation happened this afternoon at a sewing supply store:

ME: Miss, meron ba kayong exposed zipper?
MISS: Ano po, Sir?
ME: Meron ba kayong exposed zipper?
MISS: Sandali lang po.

(Leaves to call another sales person - a supervisor, methinks.)

MISS 2: Ano po ang hinahanap niyo, Sir?
ME: Exposed zipper.
MISS 2: Ay, wala po kami non.
ME: Okay, thank you.

(As I was walking away, I heard the 2 sales ladies talking.)

MISS: Ano ba 'yung exposed zipper?
MISS 2: Yung zipper na pang-mayaman.

Gosh! There's class distinction everywhere. Even in zippers. Hahaha.

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