Saturday, February 25, 2017

Meals with Mark: Early Birds

While we have our "usuals" in terms of restaurants, we always make it a point to try out new places. Mainly to see whether it's good enough to be included in our roster of "usuals."

This morning, we had breakfast at Century City Mall. In particular, we went to this place called "Early Bird Breakfast Club." Three guesses on what this place serves. Harhar.

Their menu consists of classic breakfast fare with a twist.

I had the French Toast plate, and compared to the usual soft, fluffy French Toast, theirs was crunchy with a caramelized exterior. It's almost like French-Toast-meets-Biscocho-meets-argellanas. Strangely, I liked it a lot!

Mark had the lemon butter bangus plate, and he seemed to like it as well.

Since Century City Mall is out of our radius, I'm not sure when we'll be back here. But one thing's for sure, we'll probably go back and eat at Early Bird Breakfast Club again. I still have to sample their sweet-spicy tuyo.

Friday, February 24, 2017

FMM: I miss Hue

One of our art directors, Josef, has this awesome spotify playlist entitled "Tita."

As the name implies, it's a playlist filled with Titas of Manila music. And since that's the music we grew up with, almost everyone in the creative department responded well to the music.

Needless to say, it's very Friday Magic Madness music.

And one of the songs on that playlist was this classic song from Hues Corporation.

Come on, I'm sure you know "Rock the Boat."

Now I'm all set to rock the weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Where in the world?

Last night, our assistant director mentioned that there was a news article on-line that the pilot of the missing MH370 flight was found alive. He wasn't sure if it was true or a hoax, so we decided to check it out on-line.

It looks like it was a hoax because we couldn't find a legitimate news source for the story.

But here's something that's real. Spelling errors!

Where in the world is Kuala Lumpar?

Proofreader please!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lala Land

Thanks to the nearby Mini-Stop, I discovered the joys of Lala Ube Pastillas.

Actually, I've heard of the brand Lala a few years ago. But it was Lala Chocolate, and usually spoken in hushed tones because it was some sort of guilty pleasure. They said it was chocolate residue, or the "jologs chocolate." Not a good image to attach to a brand.

Despite that, I chose to try their Ube variant, and it was the bomb! It has that right amount of sweetness and creaminess, and even if the ube flavor was quite artificial, I didn't mind at all.

If Lala Ube Pastillas was a film, it would be that very campy film that's so bad, it's good!

And just like a campy film, I'll surely come back to Lala again and again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Road. Sign.

The things you see while on the road, walking. (And when you have your eyes on the street.)

Looks like someone was having the feels en route to Ortigas Center.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meals with Mark: Seeing Red

After his initial hesitation, we finally had dinner at Pancake House at Shangrila Mall. I've been meaning to try their 2 for P380 promo, and this was the right time to do it.

We both ordered the Taco and Spaghetti plate, and it didn't disappoint. The quality is as good as the Pancake House of old.

But since we also wanted to try something new, we ended up ordering their Red Velvet Pancakes for dessert.

As expected, it was a huge, huge winner! The pancakes were divine!

It was a sweet ending to a great dinner.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fun in flight

Just as I'm a huge fan of planes and plane rides, I'm also a huge fan of airline safety videos.

Yup, I'm one of the few people who actually watch and relish the in-flight safety videos. To a point that I critique them and have my personal favorites.

Top of mind favorites are the quirkiness of JAL's in-flight video, the Glee-inspired version of Virgin America, and the simple elegance of Cathay Pacific's video.

Yesterday, I saw the new in-flight safety video of PAL, and I was super duper amazed!

Theirs was a new and inclusive concept that not only showed the safety aspects of the flight, it also showed the beauty of the Philippines and the charm of our people! I can watch this video over and over again. (Which I probably will.)

Well played, PAL. Well played.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

& other stories to tell...

While H&M is a megabrand on its own, few people know that there are a number of other brands under the H&M family.

There's COS, which is a favorite of mine. This one is a connection that a lot of people know.

Then, there's Monki. They used to have a store in HKG that I frequent, and their designs are very, very young. Which is why they didn't appeal to me that much.

They have the cult jean brand, Cheap Monday, and Weekend.

And, there's my "other" favorite from this fashion company, a brand called "& Other Stories."
This is their brand that caters to the quirky, eclectic, elegant and feminine market. So, it's chic and stylish, but with a bit of rive gauche sensibility.

The brand is available in Europe, and I don't think they'll open in Asia anytime soon. After all, it's still a new brand.

But lo and behold, while I was in one of my haunts, I found this beautifully embroidered shirt from & other stories. And it turns out that it's from the current collection because I found it on their website!

They had it in black and white, and I couldn't decide which one to get. So, I decided to get both! Hahaha. That's the best way to answer a fashion conundrum.

Thanks to & Other Stories, I have another story to tell about my favorite haunt!

Friday, February 17, 2017

FMM: Party (M) People!

And the 90s streak continues!

Here's another party favorite that was played in almost every soiree, interaction, party and disco in the early 90s.

Admit it, you know this song. And chances are, you danced to it, too.

It's M People's party favorite: Moving on up.

I'll admit it, I'm moving to the song right now!

Oh, and today is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Biboy!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Meals with Mark: The Vengo-bus is coming!

I've tried Taco Vengo once in Pioneer Street, near HMR. And I enjoyed their chips and soft tacos.

Somehow, the soft tacos remind me of the gorditas I used to nosh on when I was in Mexico. So, it was a bite down memory lane.

When they opened a branch in Megamall, I said that Mark and I should eat there. Which is what we did today.

He liked it, so we're vengo-ing back here and try more of their menu.