Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Reaching the Finnish line

When I went to the U.S. last month, I was really hoping to catch a designer collaboration at either Target or Kohl's.

Alas, Target didn't have any. And while Kohl's had the Reed Krakoff collaboration, the stores close to Biboy's house were closed for business.

Luckily, when I checked out the clearance racks at Super Target in Alpharetta, I found that they still had some pieces from the Finnish fabric experts - Marimekko x Target collaboration last April.

I was able to snag the tunic, both for Ate Lissa and Ate Bullet (who was rocking it today.)

Then, this colorful kaftan which was for Mom.

And that adds one more name to the Target collaboration collection (Prabal Gurung, Phillip Lim, Joseph Altuzarra, Lilly Pulitzer) of my sisters.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Art of the skirt

I've written about several art-inspired dresses the past few months.

I've also written about several cool skirts the past few months.

Now, I'm writing about a cool, art-inspired skirt I found recently.

Here it is!

The first time I saw this art-printed skirt in some hidden corner of Robinson's Galleria, all I could say was: "sublime!" It was so sublime, I had to buy it on the spot.

Because the skirt is so ornate, the accompanying top should be very simple. But simplicity doesn't have to mean boring. That's where this off-shoulder top with long sleeves comes in.

Now that's an artful ensemble!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Have a guava

My love affair with guava started out at a very young age.

There was a guava tree in our house in Morato. There were guava trees in Lolo Iking's beach house in Bacacay, and in Lolo Doring's house in Malinao.

Because there were so many guava trees around, we'd often find ourselves noshing on guavas in the afternoon. We'll pick them straight from the tree, wash them in the nearest faucet, and snack on them with such gusto.

I still remember the satisfaction I get whenever I took a bite on a ripe guava, with it's green exterior and soft, pink interior. I also remember the frustration whenever we'd get stuck with those really hard ones.

From then on, I've always had a soft spot for guava.

Imagine my thrill when I found out that my favorite juice joint, Juice Avenue, now offers Guava Juice! I drop by Juice Avenue almost everyday, and usually order ripe mango, watermelon and guava. But on today's juice run, I saw this sign and my stomach jumped for joy.

Verdict? Well, Juice Avenue can do no wrong. Just like their other juices, this tasted all-natural and super delish.

Now, I have another flavor to add to my rotation.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Designer Dud

Most people who are familiar with fashion are also familiar with Miu Miu.

The younger and hipper line of the Prada fashion lineage, it's a cult favorite among cool girls. Among the celebrities who swear by Miu Miu are Kirsten Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jessica Stam and Chloe Sevigny. Yes, they're that cool.

Of course, Miu Miu is also known by it's cool and modern logo, which I've always liked.

I remember the Miu Miu store near my flat when I was still living in HKG, and it was constant source of creative joy.

Now here's the funny thing. Apparently, Miu Miu has a sister in China that she doesn't know about.

Presenting, Min Min!

Yes, I found this bag at the Landmark, and it's an obvious knock-off of Miu Miu. But they wisely inverted the "u" to an "n" to avoid any copyright debacles.

Yeah, right. Harhar.

But I must say, I laughed quite hard upon seeing this bag. Nothing like a designer dud to add humour to my Sunday.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stylish surprise

Sometimes, you see an interesting fashion item at an unexpected place. You check out the price tag, you're pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is, and you decide to buy it.

That's what happened to me and this dress that I saw tucked away in some quiet corner of Robinson's Department Store.

This nicely draped jersey dress was a steal at P1,099. They had Ate Bullet's size, so I knew I had to buy it.

As I was walking to the cashier, the sales lady told me that the dress was actually on sale, and it was 50% off! So, this beauty was just P550.

When the cashier scanned the item, there was another surprise.

Apparently, it was on clearance, and it was just P248!

This is now officially my best buy for the year-to-date.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Clair the air

When you're stuck in traffic for a few hours, you start to talk about the most mundane of things.

Today's topic in the car: 90s ballads.

It must be because we were shuttling between 89.9 and 105.3 and they were playing old songs. After all, it's Friday Magic Madness day.

Of course, the question of "what's your favorite 90s ballad" came up, and 3 of us had the same answer:

Yes, there were 3 Claire Marlo fans in the car!

This is still one of the best 90s songs in my book.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Counter strike

Most people know I'm a sandwich guy.

I can make and eat sandwiches the whole day. That's why my eyes are always on the lookout for good sandwich joints.

On my last day in ATL, Biboy decided to bring us to one of their favorite burger restaurants in the neighborhood - The Counter. It's a build-your-own-burger place which they swear by. And for good reason.

Their burgers were stellar! From the size, to the presentation, to the right mix of flavors, it all just worked together beautifully.

I ordered for the Turkey Chipotle burger after finding out that it had cranberries in it. This combination created that perfect blend of sweet-savory-spicy that was just mind-blowing. It was just one of the many, many, many choices they had on their menu.

Along with the sandwich, we had fries, onion rings, fried pickles (!), and a rootbeer float. This added up to the perfect soda-pop-ish lunch to cap off my trip to Georgia.

It was a perfect encounter with The Counter.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gimme Moe!

In my few days in Atlanta, I tried to avoid eating at the same place twice. But I actually broke the rule in favor of Moe's Southwest Grill. I ate there twice.

What can I say? I'm such a huge fan of Tex-Mex food. Always have, even as a kid. Then, during my Mexico stay, the love for it grew even more.

Imagine my thrill after finding out that Moe's is actually in Manila! Apparently, they opened their first branch in BGC quite recently. Awesome news, since I don't have to fly to the U.S. to get my favorite Ancho Lime. (Which I hope they have here.)

Better Moe-sy along there soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Strange things

Back in my childhood, when you asked kids who among the superheroes they emulate and would want to be, the common reply would be either Superman or Batman.

But I wasn't a common kid.

Whenever I was asked who among the superheroes I wanted to be, there would always be 3 answers:

1. Hawkman
2. Firestorm
3. Doctor Strange

It was a thrill to see the first 2 superheroes in live action programs. Hawkman and Firestorm appear on "Legends of Tomorrow." Then, Doctor Strange is getting his own full-length film!

It's just a few months away, and a few days away from my birthday!

Now how's that for a birthday gift?

Monday, August 15, 2016


As an avid reader of spot, one of the things I look forward to is their "10 random photos to start the week." This is an article that comes out every Monday, and features funny photos of little oddities.

There's a photo I took at Flying Tiger in Tokyo, and I've always thought of submitting it.

Finally, I found the time to send it to them. Lo and behold, it's on today's edition of the article.

Yes, that's the title of the book!

Now this is what I call a real adult coloring book. Harhar.