Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mary laughter

While getting ready to go out, or while winding down from a whole day out, we'd watch "Frasier" on Mark's computer. He showed me one of his favorite episodes entitled "There's something about Dr. Mary," and it was Hilarious!

Gosh, I think we watched it twice and laughed over and over again. The character of Mary, or "oh, call me Dr. Mary, you know Latifah is not a real queen, right?"is so funny with her witty barbs and retorts.

They should've made Mary a recurring character. She's a barrel of laughs.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meals with Mark: What the Puck? Part deux.

Last November, we had dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express in Harajuku. And on this trip to Tokyo, we decided to try Wolfgang Puck's main restaurant in Roponggi.

We ordered chicken, ribs and pizza - all of which were very flavorful. And surprisingly, this restaurant was also affordable, just like at their Express branch.

I'll add Wolfgang Puck to our list of favorite eating spots in Tokyo.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mexxed up Easter

(Jenny's food photos)

On Easter Sunday, Mark and I decided to host lunch for the IH gang. (Which is basically composed of 3 other people. Harhar.) Having discovered the joys of quesadilla making a few days ago, we decided that our theme for lunch would be Mexican food.

I prepared quesadillas and beef nachos, while Mark made the seafood paella and salsa. Thankfully, our creations were well received. And it was the fitting centerpiece to hours of fun conversation and endless stories about anything and everything under the sun.

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Meals with Mark: Ramen Rave 3

After mass last Friday, we decided to have ramen at a restaurant near Church. And we ended up at Ippudo, which turns out to be a chain of restaurants with branches all over Asia.

I tried the classic ramen and Mark tried the special ramen, both of which was good. The noodles were very firm, the broth was very flavorful, and the toppings gave the ramen a more full bodied flavor.

On the side, we had a large order of gyoza, which was top notch.

I have to check if they have Ippudo in Manila. If they do, I'll definitely be back to eat more of their rave-worthy ramen.

Friday, April 18, 2014

FMM: For the love of Christ

It's Good Friday, and it's business as usual here in Tokyo. Unlike in Manila where all the malls are closed, people here pretty much go around their day like it's any other one.

The only indicator that it's Good Friday is if you go to Church. You'll see that it's quite full, and everyone is intently listening to the scripture, particularly the Passion of Christ.

And this Passion reminds me again of that classic musical "Jesus Christ Superstar," which featured many beautiful songs. Among them is this heartwarming song that was sung by Mary of Magdala:

In yesterday's scripture, it was written that we should love one another. And I think loving one another is one great way of showing our love for Christ.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meals with Mark: Ramen Rave 2

Mark lives in a quiet side of Tokyo, so there aren't a lot of big chain restaurants in the area. This is actually good because we get to eat at hole-in-the-wall places that might be small in size, but definitely big on tasty offers.

One such place is this quaint ramen place in Suginami-ku called Bia Bia. If you don't keep your eyes peeled, you might not notice it because it's very small. But when you do, you'll be rewarded with good ramen.

Not just good ramen, but the "Best Ramen of 2013." They have the seal to prove it.

Bia Bia is a very small operation. There are only 2 people manning the restaurant, one of whom is the owner/chef. There are only 10 seats in the entire place, and we were lucky enough to get seats. Then again, we went early afternoon, so the lunch crowd isn't there anymore.

The star of the show is their Bia Bia Special.

The ramen has a light and flavorful broth with thin ramen. It has fried chicken breast, boiled eggs, green onions, and dried berries. Yes, dried berries! For a berry person like me, this is a big deal.

As far at the broth goes, I still prefer the one that Mark and I ate in Odaiba. But in terms of the overall flavor, this one is more interesting because of the interplay of the sour berries with the flavors of the chicken, egg and ramen stock.

Because of its unconventional fusion of flavors, I'd say this ramen is definitely worth raving about.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yo Yokohama!

Although we just spent a day in Japan's port city of Yokohama, it was a day well-spent because we were able to see a lot of the popular sights in the city. Good thing they're just near one another, so going around wasn't too difficult.

First on the agenda was Yokohama's Chinatown where we had lunch.

A Chinese temple in Japan. Something you don't really see that often.

The Red Brick Warehouse used to be Yokohama's port warehouse. But when the port moved out, the local government bought this building and turned it into a mixed-use development.

They kept the structure as is, and it still looks the same as it did 100 years ago.

A late afternoon shot of the Red Brick Warehouse.

Mark standing by the red brick wall. This shot feels like we're in San Francisco.

Next time, we should stay in Yokohama a bit longer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rules of Engagement

The Japanese are known to be sticklers for following rules. I've seen that in my different visits to Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

But as always, there are exceptions to the rules. Just like this particular case that Mark and I saw at Showakinen park last Sunday.

Yup, there's a man taking photographs in the area that specifically says "Keep Out."

And to make matters worse, just as we were taking this photo, this happened:

A kid just jumped into the "Keep Out" zone and started running around the restricted area.

Ah yes, we have rebels in our midst.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Show(a) me the sakura!

Since I'm arriving in Tokyo more than a week after the sakura went in full bloom, I thought I wouldn't see any cherry blossoms anymore. That was fine with me since I experienced Hanami last year.

But lo and behold, when we went to Showakinen, there were still a lot of sakura trees in bloom. Luckily, we found one and had our picnic under the tree.

Little surprises like this is make trips worthwhile.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lovely lunch

This is one of the most laid back and picturesque lunches I've had in Tokyo.

We decided to go to Showakinen Park for the Flower Festival today, and decided to have a picnic lunch there. So, we bought some nice Japanese eats at the eki, found our spot underneath a sakura tree, and enjoyed the day like the locals.

One of the best lunches ever.