Monday, December 31, 2012

The 2012 Year-in-review: Top 12 of 2012

The last day of the year is the same day when all networks air their yearend special Whether it's a local news channel, or an international news agency, there is no shortage of programs that count down the top events of 2012.

In keeping with that theme, my last post for 2012 is a look at the 12 events this year which I will always remember and be grateful for. Unlike the big and grandiose events that news outlets usually report on, my 12 events are small in scale, but big in impact. So, here they are in chronological order:

1. Complete New Year - The first day of 2012 was a complete day because our family members from abroad came home. On our side, Biboy and family came to Manila, so the 5 siblings in the Regalado-Morales clan were home. On Dad's side, Tita Evelyn came home from Barcelona, at Titos Orestes and Hector flew in from Bicol. So, after a long, long time, the Murillo-Morales siblings were complete.

2. Travel first class - This year, I had my first travel to HKG with my entire Feature and Technical Writing class! It was stressful because I had to watch over a group of gregarious girls, but it was fun since it was educational in more ways than one.

3. Church duty - During the school's baccalaureate mass for batch 2012, I was asked to be an acolyte. Despite being out of the acolyte circles for decades, I took on the task. It turned out that I was going to be an acolyte for Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle! (Who's now Cardinal, by the way.)

4. Back to School - After a long time, I participated in an international learning conference which was hosted by RNTC from The Netherlands. It was fun being a student again after a long time.

5. Back to Japan! - After 4 years, I said "Konnichiwa" to Japan once again. Mark and I spent 2 weeks in Tokyo, which is the longest I've stayed in the big city. During those 14 days, we were able to accomplish a lot of things, both new and familiar. We tried out new restaurants, made new friends, heard mass at a new church, met up with old friends, and finally went to an onsen! Sugoi!

5. Life begins - This was the year when a lot of my friends marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Needless to say, fun, fabulous and frou-frou celebrations were in order.

7. Back to my regular programming - After a few years out of the local advertising industry, I went back to agency work!

8. Back to bowling - One of the things that the new office made me do was to play bowling! And it turns out that I'm still good at it. I ranked number 4 out of more than 50 players!

9. Museum hopping - This year, I was able to go around a number of museums - more than I ever did in one year. From the old National Museum in Manila, to the new Mind Museum in Taguig, it was fun to immerse myself in different exhibits after a long time.

10. Teaching a new subject - I used to produce a lot of Audio-Visual Presentations in my former jobs. So, when Chally asked me to teach AVP, I took on the job with much gusto. It was definitely a great decision as my students came up with so many good productions in one semester.

11. By design - Last November, Ate Bullet had their family portraits taken and I was on-hand to help in the layout and styling. Before the photo session ended, the photographer asked the two of us to pose like a "designer and muse." After photo came out, some of my friends in HKG and SG thought that this was my new career! One of them even sent me a lengthy email saying that if only she knew that my new career path was in design, she would've asked me to fly to New York and make her wedding gown. Alas, the "designer" photo was just conceptual, and I couldn't make her wedding gown even if I wanted to. (I'll take that free trip to New York, though. Harhar.)

Then again, I did do a couple of design jobs this year. These include designing accessories for Mona and her sisters-in-law, and designing a dress for Ate Bullet, which she also wore for that shoot.

12. Christmas missions accomplished - This year was also the year when I was able to do a lot of the Christmas-related activities that I set out to accomplish. This included sending out Christmas cards early, buy and wrap gifts (most of it, at least) a week before Christmas, celebrate Christmas with family, celebrate Christmas with Mark in Manila, spend time with our friends from both sides, and just savor the spirit of the season. This 2012, Christmas was truly, truly Merry!

Like most countdown shows, I'll end by saying that I'm very grateful for all the wonderful events, experiences and people that shaped 2012. And I'm looking forward to the even more wonderful events, experiences and people that will arrive in the new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Multiplying Memories

Upon Rona's reminder that Multiply is closing down its social networking function, I proceeded to the daunting task of exporting all the photos that I've kept on the site. 

As usual, it's a bit last minute as it was announced more than 4 months ago, and the exporting tools have been made available since November. Maybe it's because i'm still in denial that the multiply site that I opened last September 2007 will no longer be in existence. For more than 5 years, Destraido's multiply site was a repository of photos of a lot of happy moments in my life. So it's naturally difficult to accept that it's about to go away.

Today, as I began exporting some 1,500 photos, I couldn't help but smile and feel nostalgic as I looked at the events that I've shared with my family, loved ones, frendz, colleagues and friends. It was like watching a flashback of the best moments of my life.

There were weddings - from my parents' 40th wedding anniversary to the nuptials of Bonique and Vince, as well as Ivy and LJ. There were trips - like the journeys that Mark and I took to different parts of Japan, to my solo sojourns to Shanghai and Singapore. From fun family events such as outings, parties, dinners, Christmases, and reunions, to many D' Frendz events such as the baby shower of Bonique, our welcome party for Becca, and birthday parties galore.

So, so many happy memories, all packed in this one page that has been part of my life for 5 years. Heck, it was enough to make me misty-eyed at certain points of the downloading process.

As Multiply's social networking function takes its final bow, I'd like to thank multiply for multiplying the memories, and making sure that the years don't divide nor subtract the feelings and emotions from these milestones.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with Frendz!

Another Christmas, another year of celebrating with Frendz! There are so many things about this photo that I like: the colors, the composition, the couples - it was such a happy shot! (Audrey might disagree with me on this one, though.)

Here's to another year of Frendzhip!

Friday, December 28, 2012

FMM: In the swing of things

Anyone from my generation would agree with me when I say that Swing Out Sister is one of the best musical acts from the late 80s and early 90s.

For years, their songs invaded the airwaves, parties, proms and all occasions that called for great music. When they had a concert in Manila, it was such a big thing and tickets were sold out in a matter of days. (Note that there wasn't any on-line ticket purchase that time, so people had to go to the ticketing office to buy concert tickets. Effort!) Too bad I was too young to watch concerts back then. I definitely would've queued and watched their concert.

This British pop group had it all. They were good looking, had wonderful voices, and their music was so infectious. They were definitely the full package, so it was no wonder that they hit it big in the UK, and eventually, around the world.

What I find fascinating about Swing Out Sister is the fact that they built their success on songs that I would describe as "happy-sad."

If you listen to the songs, you'd find yourself bobbing your head and swaying along to the beat. They're definitely fun to listen to and perfect to dance along with. But if you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll find out that the stories behind the songs are actually quite sad. You never notice it, though.

For instance, 3 of my favorite SOS songs fall under this happy-sad category:

"You on my mind" is an upbeat pop song that talks about the singer's need to get over a lost love, but can't.

"Waiting Game" is the quintessential story of someone who is pining and waiting for someone, and even if she knows that waiting might be for naught, she waits anyway.

And of course, their biggest hit EVER, "Breakout!" Paying close attention to the lyrics reveals the story of someone stuck in a rut, and just wanting to get out of that cycle. This is such a karaoke staple and it always brings the house down and puts everyone in a happy mood. Even if the song's story isn't.

Lyrics and story notwithstanding, Swing Out Sister's songs never fails to get everyone is a swinging mood. And I think that's what the group always intended to do.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Apples of my eye

There are certain things that say "Christmas." Once you see then at home, in shops or in the street, you automatically know that the holiday season has arrived. The most common ones are the "parol," "belen," and the staple "Christmas tree."

Growing up, there was another object that heralded the coming of the Christmas season. They're no other than Washington apples.
A bit of context. During my growing up years, American made products and goods (also known as PX,) weren't as easy to come by. There were no huge malls and supermarkets that are flooded with imported goods. Back then, the only way you could get "Made in U.S.A." products was if you had relatives in the U.S. who would send them to you. (Thankfully, my maternal Grandparents were Filipino-American.)

Yes, there was a time when it was hard to find Pringles, M&Ms, Taster's Choice coffee, Nesquick, Planter's peanuts, Libby's Vienna Sausage, Hormel Corned beet, and of course, Washington Apples.

These apples were quite rare that they were actually expensive. And you couldn't find them in the fruit stalls in wet markets. No, you had to go all the way to Unimart or some other major supermarket chain just to buy some of these big, red beauties. That's the reason why it was such a thrill to see Washington apples on the table during noche buena.

Of course, it's a different story these days. Apples have become very common that people pay no mind to it. Also, there are so many apple variants these days, including the fuji apple, Chinese apples, Granny Smith apples, and even mini-apples.

It's come to a point that kids don't even pay attention to apples anymore. It's become such a commodity that no one minds whether they have apples or not.

Thank goodness I'm no longer a kid. At least I still appreciate having apples in the middle of our noche buena table while the entire family shares that all-important Christmas meal.

Yup, I might not be a kid, but whenever I see those big, shiny and red Washington apples, I suddenly feel like one.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Serving left over fun

It's a tradition of sorts.

After Christmas, D' Frendz usually have a leftover party where we bring the food left over from our Christmas celebrations. This year, we had it immediately after Christmas, and not only did we bring leftover food, there was also some leftover gifts, and a lot of leftover fun.

Too bad I forgot my camera at home. There were a lot of fun and funny moments from the party. There was the White Elephant gift game, Becca and Audrey's gift giving, and the classic "letter G" moment.

I hope Vince posts the photos he took soon. It would be nice to look at those leftovers all over again.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

In the words (or lyrics) of Sheena Easton:

"It's Christmas all over the world tonight."

Merry Christmas everybody!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Almost... but not quite

On the positive side, I was able to fulfill a lot of my Christmas gift and card plans this year.

I was able to send out my cards before the first week of December, and they reached their destinations before Christmas day. (Well, most of them, me thinks.)

Second, I was able to buy gifts for my family, friends and loved ones before December 22. So, there was no more of that last minute scampering for gifts which usually happens during Christmas eve.

So, I was able to accomplish the goals I set for the holidays.

Well, almost.

This afternoon, I met up with Mark to give him his Christmas gifts. And while we were at SM, I realized that I don't have gifts for our maids yet! Good thing there was Watsons there, and I was able to score some great goodies for Tess and Ate Nini.

And while we were there, we were able to squeeze in a movie as well! Mark, Patrick and I watched "Ruruoni Kenshin," which is such a visually spectacular Japanese movie. Incidentally, when I was in Tokyo with Mark last July, they were promoting this film in Roponggi.

When I got home, we had the traditional Noche Buena dinner, and it was quite a spread this year! Everyone brought out their best dishes, including Kuya Marv's Grilled Salmon, Ate Lissa's Chili Cheese crabs, Ate Bullet's Tuyo pasta, and my fruit salad. Mom made her signature potato salad and buko pandan, while Dad was our bartender for the night.

Now, after the noche buena and 2 hours before Christmas, I'm in my room wrapping the gifts for my family. Yes, I might not have done last minute shopping, but I'm still doing last minute wrapping.

Oh well, at least I have another goal to set next Christmas. No more last minute gift wrapping! I mean, everyone's downstairs having fun and catching up, while I'm stuck in my room with boxes, wrappers, and "Love Actually" in the background.

I almost accomplished everything in my Christmas list.

Almost, but not quite.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Brogue girls

Ate Lissa and Ate Bullet now have a growing collection of brogues in their shoe racks. And I have Parisian shoes to blame for that.

The past months, they've been coming out with all these beautiful designs. Some were rendered in leopard print, others had see through cut-outs, some were in patent pastel, and the others were in bright colors. Heck, I bought 2 pairs of each style!

What's good (or bad) about it is that they release the new styles in 2 week intervals. So, I find myself in SM every so often, and it came to a point that the salesladies already know me. (Hi Sir! Wala pa pong bagong style. Baka next week po.)

This week, they released their bright colored brogues, and got 2 pairs again. The sales lady said that it would be the last pair from their brogue collection.

That's great. I wouldn't want to go broke on brogues.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Say that again...

It's probably because of too much Christmas music blaring everywhere.

The past 2 days, I've ridden cabs whose drivers seem to be hard of hearing.

CAB # 1:

One Saturday morning, I took a cab from 20th avenue in Cubao:

Driver: Saan po kayo?
Me: Greenhills.
Driver: Ang layo naman!
Me: Diyan lang ho 'yon, Manong.
Driver: Malayo ang Fairview.
Me: Bakit ho sa Fairview?
Driver: Banda doon ang Litex.

CAB # 2:

It was after our team Christmas party and it was past midnight. I was dropped off at P. Tuazon corner EDSA and was planning to take a cab going home:

Me: Boss, sa 20th po.
Driver: Saan?
Me: Sa 20.
Driver: Bocaue? Huwag na! Ang layo!

It must be something in the air. Christmas air, that is.

Friday, December 21, 2012

FMM: Here's to them

As the Christmas celebrations come full steam and as shoppers fill the malls and cash registers ring non-stop. As revelries intensify and gifts pile up under the tree. As the season of joy reaches it's peak, let's remember those who might not have celebrations, or means to shop, or revelries, or gifts that pile under the tree.

To those who might not know that it's Christmas, here's to you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Near SSC is a quaint, neighborhood supermarket called Fortune Mart. It's one of my go-to places, especially when I need to get a quick breakfast before going to my early morning class. I usually get my VitaMilk Choco and Magnolia Chocolait there.

Convenient as it may be, that supermarket is also quite odd. One of the sources of that oddity is the absence of brands that I like. Consider these two separate incidents at that supermarket:


ME: Excuse me, meron kayong Oreo?
GUY: Wala ho, eh. Cream-O, meron po.
ME: Bakit wala kayong Oreo?
GUY: Pang-mayaman lang ho kasi 'yon.


ME: Saan ang chocolates ninyo?
GUY: Kasama po ng mga candy, eto po. (He ushers me to the candy section)
ME: (after looking around) May Kitkat ba kayo?
GUY: Ay wala ho. Pang-mayaman kasi ang Kitkat.

The funny thing is, this happened almost a month apart and with 2 different sales clerks.

Sometimes, I'm tempted to comment:

"Bakit? Pang-mahirap lang ba itong supermarket ninyo?"

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fits me to a T

The truth is, I was never the perfume type of guy. 

When I was in high school, all the guys in LSQC would reek of either Drakkar Noir or Kouros. Some would go through great pains to buy the original, and others would settle for the more inexpensive version. (The most popular being Charmis' Boyfriend.)

Later on, the perfume du jour became Davidoff's Cool Water, then Polo classic, then Polo Sport. I still remember the time when the perfume "Aspen" was a huge hit - mainly because it smelled like Cool Water.

While my classmates sprayed and spritzed left and right, I would try to avoid them because I found the smell of perfume too strong. That's the main reason why I avoided it like an olfactory plague. For me, the best scent is the natural scent the comes from soap, shampoo and water. Another scent that I liked was the smell of freshly laundered clothes and sheets. 

If I had to wear a scent, my preference would lean towards the light, Spanish colognes that Tita Evelyn would bring from Spain. This was the era of Nenuco, DeNeNes, and Baby Gal.

This was a habit I carried with me from high school to college to my career days. Yes, I'd get a lot of perfume as gifts or pasalubong, but it was very rare that I'd use them. Most often, they'd be on my dresser, waiting for an uber-special-occasion to be used.

That was until I discovered this perfume that smells exactly like the things I wanted - soap, shampoo, water, and freshly laundered clothes and sheets. It was a brand called "Clean."

I first discovered this in HKG, at a small shop beside the building where our client's office was. Vincent and I were checking out perfumes, and I got a whiff of "Clean Men," and got hooked. The scent was that perfect "just got out of the shower" scent. Needless to say, I bought a bottle, and used it sparingly. And that bottle is still on my dresser up to this very day.

During my last birthday, Mona added another bottle to my Clean repertoire. I asked her if she could buy a bottle of Clean Cotton T-shirt, and she did! And she gave it to me as a birthday gift! Woot!

The scent of this perfume is fantastic. It's like smelling a shirt that was laundered using a detergent with fabric conditioner, then thrown into a dryer, then brought out. It has that warm, comforting smell that's not overpowering, and has that feel-good vibe to it. Just like a favorite cotton t-shirt.

Now here's one shirt that I wouldn't mind wearing everyday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Setting the Tablea

It's always nice to give food as gifts during Christmas. More so when the food has a sense of history.

This year, I'm giving my 2 bosses a food gift that's part of my childhood. I'm giving them a jar of "tablea" from my Mom's hometown in Bicol.

I remember those tablea well. When we were kids and spend our summers in the sleepy town of Malinao, Albay, I'd often see these tablea being made at my grandfather's house.

I'd wander into the dining area and find some of my aunts and helpers carefully forming chocolates into balls and putting them on the big dining table. The smell of cocoa would waft in the air and I was delighted by the scent.

Then, they would prepare some for merienda, and I'd dip the bakery bought pandesal into this thick, chocolate-y concoction. And it was divine.

I'm happy that Mom always brings home tablea whenever she comes home from Bicol. And I'm happier that I'll get to share this experience with some other folks this Christmas season.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonderfully said...

Just like millions of people around the world, I was in a state of shock and disbelief when the news about Sandy Hook Elementary School came out.

I've read the news and watched a lot of news reports and commentaries on youtube. Some added to the shock while others made me a bit teary-eyed. But one video stood out because of the power of the message and the no-nonsense way it was delivered.

This was from Gov. Mike Huckabee:

(video from youtube)

Wonderfully said, Gov. Huckabee. Wonderfully said.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Word of the Day

My students and I were discussing the concept of Simbang Gabi in class when one of them uttered a word that was actually new to my ear.

She said: "These days, people don't go to the Simbang Gabi. They go to the Simbang Gababes."

"Simbang Gababes," now that's a new word.

It apparently refers to young folks who go to the midnight mass and turn it into a soiree, making it a venue to meet potential girlfriends and boyfriends.

Ah, kids...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Christmas rush isn't through...

This morning, I asked my class this question that almost everyone I know has been asking:

"Why has the past 2 weeks been so crazy-busy?"

In my case, for example, there was the usual work load, 6 theses to read, 4 groups to advise, 1 MTV to edit, 1 number to pseudo-choreograph, 2 Christmas parties to prepare for, and 3 classes to hold today!

Yes, it's that kuh-ray-zee!

It's really a good thing that I've done most of my Christmas shopping. At least I can concentrate on the other things I need to rush.

Friday, December 14, 2012

FMM: Chan's encounter

Whenever the holiday season comes along, one iconic personality pops in my head.

No, it isn't Santa Claus.

It's Jose Mari Chan!

He always comes up with the nicest, happiest and most heartwarming Christmas songs. One of the most sung holiday tunes is "Christmas in our Hearts," which was composed by Jose Mari Chan. And no holiday will ever pass without someone radio stations playing his songs.

My personal favorite? Perfect Christmas, of course.

(video courtesy of youtube)

It's less than 2 weeks before Christmas, and looking at how the holidays are shaping up, it looks like it's going to be a perfect Christmas indeed.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wellcome to the Philippines!

When I was still living in HKG, one of my favorite places was Wellcome. It was one of the two big supermarket chains in that country, the other one being Park and Shop. Although there was a Park and Shop just below my flat, I'd walk all the way to Wellcome because they had a better selection.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a Wellcome store in Farmer's Plaza in Cubao on my way home! Apparently, Rustan's Express Lanes have been renamed Wellcome. I guess this means they've franchised the supermarket chain.

I haven't checked it out yet, but I'm excited already. Wellcome will definitely be a welcome addition to our supermarket shopping habit.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You've been Warmed

With an overload of films and television programs that deal about the supernatural and the undead, it's nice to see one that looks at the subject with fresh eyes.

Not just fresh, but eyes that have a sense of humour as well.

Just like this upcoming Zombie film, "Warm Bodies."

And did I mention it has Teresa Palmer? And Analeigh Tipton, too!

Here's another movie to look forward to next year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dad's Incredible

That was an event name I did for Robinson's Malls many years ago. And I was pleasantly surprised to know that they're using it until now.

Today, that line has more meaning because it's the birthday of my incredible Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Here's to more hip and happy years ahead.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I'll trek for this one!

Being a long-time Star Trek fan, (heck, I even dressed up as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard for one Christmas party!) I've been searching and searching for the trailer on-line for a few months now. Usually, I end up viewing a fan-made trailer.

But today, I found the real thing!

I'm SO going to watch this!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

I've been Stung!

At the onset, we knew that this was a concert for our generation.

While we were walking from Starbucks to the Araneta Coliseum gates, we kept on bumping into people we knew. There were former classmates, former colleagues, clients, celebrities who were from our generation - we were all there for one reason.


As predicted, he didn't disappoint. His voice is still as crisp and clear just like when he started with "The Police." And he could still get the crowd to stand up and dance!

It was a great repertoire of old favorites and new songs. And one of the old favorites he played was one of my old favorites from The Police.

As the song says: here's all I want to say to you:

Sting rocks!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

So far, So good.

We didn't have classes today due to the Immaculate Concepcion feast, so I had time to finish reading my students' theses, correct them, do some errands, and wrap Christmas gifts!

Yes, I'm working double time to fulfill my earlier promise to finish wrapping before December 22. And today, I was able to wrap all my gifts for school, and some gifts for my godkids.

After seeing the bag filled with wrapped gifts, all I could say was: "So far, so good!"

This calls for a Sheena Easton song!

Friday, December 07, 2012

FMM: Last Christmas

As the first week of December comes to a close, I can really feel the spirit of Christmas wafting in the air. It's in the mood of the people, the bright lights around the office building, the crowds inside the mall - they all add up to one thing.

Christmas is here!

And one of my favorite Christmas songs from decades back is this Tagalog ditty from Kuh Ledesma entitled "Nakaraang Pasko."

(video from youtube)

This song reminds me of our Christmases back in Tomas Morato. I was still a young boy then, and we had a cassette tape of this song. I remember how it was Ate Lissa's favorite, and she would play it every so often.

Nothing like "Nakaraang Pasko" to liven up this Christmas season.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Head in the Clouds

If there's one type of film that never fails to attract me, it's an epic film.

And if there's one type of epic film that never fails to excite me, it's a multi-generational film.

Now, there's a film that's showing that has both an epic quality, and a mutli-generational plot. It's the latest film by the geniuses behind "The Matrix Trilogy," the Wachowski Brothers. (Well, now more of Wachowski brother and sister, since one of them is now a transgender.)

Presenting, Cloud Atlas.

There are a lot of negative reviews about this film. Despite that, there's the fact that it's an epic, multi-generational film. Then, there's the cast which includes the one-two punch of Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Needless to say, I'm going to watch this.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Convincing portrayal

So, I decided to dress up like an Indian during our Christmas party. I wore a white Kurta with white pants, and a gold-beige-ish scarf with paisley prints.

While going around the ballroom, I saw a client of mine and said "Hi." She just glanced at me and left.

A few minutes later, she comes back and says: "Lester, ikaw ba 'yan?Akala ko foreigner ka talaga! Nagulat nga ako nung nag-hi ka sa'kin. Sabi ko, 'bakit nag-hi sa akin itong bumbay na 'to.'"

Yes, I guess I look like an Indian guy.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A picture of tragedy

Just on the heels of the Australian Metro ad, here comes a shocking story that happened in the New York subway system.

It turns out that a commuter was pushed off the platform by a deranged man. As the train approached, the man desperately tried to lift himself off the tracks.

He failed, though. And the man in this picture died after being run over by the on-coming train.

A freelance photographer was able to take a photo of this soon-to-be-grisly-scene, and the New York post made it their lead story. Needless to say, citizens and netizens were up in arms about it.

Why did the photographer take a photo instead of helping the man? Why did the NY post even buy or run this photo?

This became an issue of journalistic duties versus human compassion. Does the photojournalist fulfill his duty as a news man first? Does it take precedence over his being human? This is a topic that's sure to be fodder for our Journalism classes in the weeks to come.

Personally, I think the photographer should've helped him. Then this tragic photo would never have happened.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Smart. Very smart.

Once in a while, a viral commercial storms the internet and catches my attention. Being from the ad industry, that's actually a very difficult thing to do. After all, I'm quick to identify ads in all their forms. But there are some that are so pleasantly surprising, I don't know it's an ad until it reaches the end of the story.

One such ad is this wonderfully crafted piece on train safety. It was created by McCann Erickson Australia, and it's a perfect example of what a PSA should be.

As of press time, it's still on top of youtube and itunes, and everyone has this song as their last song syndrome. If that isn't a testament to how memorable it is, I don't know what is.

"Dumb ways to die," is actually very smart.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Two birthday girls!

It's 12-2-12 and 2 members of my family are celebrating their birthdays today.

First up, it's Mom's birthday. And we celebrated it by having a really good dinner at Isabelo's.

Second, Audrey is also celebrating her natal day today. For her celebration, we had lunch at Max's in SM Masinag.

Happy Birthday Mom and Audrey!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas countdown!

It's officially December! And we're down to 25 days before the big Christmas celebration.

This year, my goal is to send out all my Christmas cards by next week. Plus, I'd like to get my Christmas shopping done by December 20 at the latest. (If the world doesn't end, that is.)

The Christmas cards are slowly being filled up, and I've gone through more than half of my Christmas list. So, I've got more than 2 weeks to complete everything.

Let the countdown begin!