Friday, October 19, 2012

FMM: Theme Music

On the ride going to the office, the radio suddenly blared one of Madonna's classics - "Crazy for you." This song brings back a lot of memories: the 80s, our old house in Scout Gandia, Madonna's hey day, and more importantly, the concept of "theme songs."

During the 80s, it was customary for a romantic couple to have a "theme song." It's a song that encapsulates and personifies the couple, and would usually result in the typical "awwww..." reaction from the pair whenever they hear it. Back then, a couple wouldn't be a real couple if they didn't have a theme song. (Cheesy, but true.)

The reason why I thought of theme songs was the fact that "Crazy for You" was the theme song of my older brother, Kuya Marv, and his then-girlfriend Lisa. This was very appropriate since Lisa was - at that time - the Madonna of Scout Gandia. She'd always come in a Madonna-inspired outfit and she'd be a hit. (Her look is similar to what you see in this video. It's vintage Madonna!)

Strangely, I still remember the theme songs of my other siblings. Back then, I didn't have a theme song since I was but a wee little boy. The songs that would count as my "theme songs" back then were movie themes like "Ghostbusters."

For Ate Lissa and Bob, that theme song would be "Truly." I'm not sure how they ended up having that theme song, but what I know is that whenever I hear this Lionel Richie ditty, I still remember how I was asked to "chaperone" Ate and Bob during their first date. (It was at Chew-Chew junction in Greenhills, and I remember how Bob bought me a hamburger from McDonald's via drive-thru.)

Another theme song that I remember is "The Old Songs" by David Pomeranz. This was the song that my other older brother Biboy and his then-girlfriend Eva called their own. As a kid, I didn't know the title of that song, all I knew that it was the "candles burning..." song. Harhar.

I can't seem to remember what the theme song of Ate Bullet and Renny was. Maybe I was just too busy watching cartoons to notice, but I'm sure they had one. I mean, all legit couples HAD to have a theme song.

Oh, to be young and cheesy!

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