Thursday, November 01, 2012

I'm ready for this Jelly

Two years ago, I discovered Nips Jellies in the supermarket and was hooked on it. In fact, I even dedicated a class activity for the product. It was that good and addicting.

After a few months of my discovery, they were gone. Apparently, it was just one of those special edition products and the company opted to discontinue it. I was so disappointed to a point that I was telling Bonique to please ask the Gokongweis to bring it back.

Last Wednesday, I went to the supermarket and found this:

They're back! And I bought 6 packs! And I ate 4 packs in one sitting! And I'm ending each sentence with an exclamation point!

Yup, Nips Jellies has the tendency to excite me that way.

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