Saturday, November 03, 2012

Smoking Hot

One of fall's biggest trends in terms of footwear is the Smoking Slipper. 

If you're wondering where the name came from, the "Smoking Slipper" was part of the proper smoking attire for men. This often included a velvet robe and a pipe. If you need a visual peg, think Hugh Hefner in the Playboy mansion. Scary, but true.

Needless to say, the Smoking Slipper was initially made for men. But with the advent of the "boyfriend" trend, women got into the Smoking Slipper action by using them in lieu of the usual ballet flats. Which is quite cool, if you ask me.

In the Philippines, the best gauge whether a trend is going full steam is when it starts appearing on the shelves of SM Department Store. After all, they've got it all for you. Harhar.

Lo and behold, the Smoking Slipper has appeared in SM, and has arrived in my sisters' shoe racks. That's courtesy of Parisian, which comes in this new, snazzy box.

And it comes with a dust cover, too. Not bad for something worth P600.00!

Now, on to the main event. Presenting, the Smoking Slippers from SM! (Sounds like a cheesy B-movie title.)

The first pair is a Smoking Slipper in black suede. Now to keep it from looking too plain, it added an element that's also on-trend for fall - hardware!

These Smoking Slippers have silver studs with rounded edges. I actually saw a version of this with spikes instead of studs. While they look very attractive, it can also be very deadly. I kid you not.

The black pair is for Ate Bullet, while I got a teal blue pair for Ate Lissa. Between my two sisters, Ate Lissa is more adventurous in terms of color and aesthetic.

Initially, I wasn't too keen on the color. But the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me.

Finally, they have another ultra chic pair, and this time it has texture as detail.

If you look at it closely, it has the texture of snakeskin, which is made more luxe by the fact that it's done in black patent. This is so Audrey Hepburn-meets-Valentina! Harhar.

Ate Bullet liked her Smoking Slippers so much that she wore it on the spot along with her Kate Moss inspired look. And overall, I'd say the word to describe her is the same word to describe the slipper.

It's Smokin!

(Sorry, I couldn't help but add a Jim Carrey reference.)

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