Sunday, November 18, 2012

Garden of delights

Another Sunday, and another get together with D' Frendz. Last week's brunch was courtesy of Grace, and for today, it was my turn to treat everyone.

I told them that we'd go off the beaten track and go somewhere they haven't been to before. I've been to Isabelo's Garden Restaurant a couple of times, and surprisingly, none of them have. So, it was the perfect opportunity to bring them somewhere nice and new.

Isabelo's recently opened their brunch service called "Rustic Mornings at Isabelo's." They sent me the menu and I was sold! After quickly whipping up and invite, we found ourselves in this delightful venue on a nice and sunny Sunday.

Rustic is the best way to describe the newly opened dining area of Isabelo's. It was the ultimate in shabby chic! Ornate mosaic tiles, beautiful wooden furniture, homey paintings - all these elements came together in one homey and cozy atmosphere.

The blue and white motif was carried everywhere, all the way to the place mats. Everything was so beautifully put together, which isn't a surprise because Isabelo's is known for that.

Their breakfast/brunch menu is extensive and impressive. Mona was the first one to order, so we had the chance take photos of her breakfast fare. It was something we weren't able to do with the food we ordered, basically because we were famished!

Here's the crispy waffle with strawberries. True to its name, it was delightfully crispy and buttery. Portia said it was one of their best sellers, and I can see why.

Here's another best seller, the crispy tawilis plate. The wansoy salad was awesome! I wish the tawilis was crispier, though. I'm sort of used to the ultra crunch tawilis that they serve at home.

One by one, D' Frendz arrived, and everyone started to enjoy the food.

Here's Maricar showing us her Michael Jackson shoulder action.

We also learned that Audrey is now in a "photographer" phase. She prefers to take photos instead of being in them. Cuteness overload!

There were so many cameras around that day that we had to take one shot 4 or 5 times. You can imagine how many photos came out that day. But bar none, my favorite photo has to be this one! It's the "Hi, I'm Lucas and this is my party" shot.

By the time the afternoon rolled in, everyone was stuffed and happy. I was glad to find out that everyone was completely satisfied with the Isabelo's experience, and everyone swore that they'd be back soon. I told them I'd be back sooner because we're planning to spend Mom's birthday here.

Delightful venue. Delightful food. And delightful company. It was really a delightful Sunday with D' Frendz and Isabelo's Garden Restaurant.

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