Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scary close

Yesterday night, Kevin came home and told us that one of his batch mates in UST committed suicide within the campus area. Apparently, he was distraught due to the passing of him father, the ailment of his mother, and the fact that he was failing his subjects. At that point, the only thing he felt he could do was jump off a building, which he did.

This morning, just as I entered our office building, I heard an eerie scream from outside. It turns out that a woman leapt off the 27th floor of the building beside ours. People began running towards Garnet road and my colleague dragged me to the area. That's where we saw the victim's body, covered by a tarpaulin, obviously mangled.

News like these are scary enough on its own. But when it happens within close proximity, it just gets even scarier.

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