Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Color Story: Wine not?

Red wine is often seen as elegant, classy and preferred by people with good taste. In my opinion, the traits of the beverage are the same traits that can define red wine as a color.

Take for instance this red wine dress that I snagged at Greenhills a few weeks ago. Apart from its very classy color, the cut is simple but elegant, and it looks like a dress preferred by people with good taste. That's why I gave it to Ate Lissa.

To further up the classy ante, the dress can be paired with this layered necklace from Forever 21. The ornate piece - with its brass color and black stones - play beautifully well against the simplicity and color of the dress. The total look is worthy for the FLOTUS. (Or First Lady Of The US, for those who want to spell it out.)

What a truly intoxicating color. And look.

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