Sunday, February 24, 2013

Carl me maybe

Another thing that was on my "to-do-while-in-SG-list" was to drop by Carl's Jr. for their chicken sandwiches! 

When they still had Carl's Jr. in Manila, it was one of my favorite eating places. Whether I was with Kin, Elsie and the CAO gang at the Megamall branch, or Kuya Ers, Xtine and Fiesta at the Pasay Road branch, I would always enjoy my meal there.

They closed down in Manila many years ago, and when I discovered that they still had it in SG, I made it a point to always drop by when I'm in town. Which is what I did for lunch today.

After a few minutes, the mother ship has arrived!

And after around 20 minutes (the Chicken sandwich was huge), the mother ship left the building.

After the meal, I told myself: "Maybe I should have Carl's Jr. again before my flight."

And indeed I did.

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