Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the earlier years of fashion, female designers were usually hyphenates. Aside from being designers, they would be something else. 

Madame Gres was a designer/sculptor, Nancy Talbot was a designer/socialite, Amelia Bloomer was a designer/women's rights activist (imagine that!), and Liz Claiborne was a designer/business titan.

Then, there are the designer/models. They usually start out as fashion models, and eventually cross over to the business of design. It's actually a seamless transition since they're surrounded by clothes most of the time.

In the 60s, one of these designer/models was Mary Quant. 

As a model, she was famous for her short hair and gamine look which was the rage in the 60s. She was in the same league as Twiggy - another British model who was known for her almost androgynous aura.

As a designer, she's known for several things. First, there's the mini-skirt which she designed a lot of in the 60s. She also popularized hot pants. And of course, who can forget her Peter Pan collar.

The era of Mary Quant might have passed, but her design influence is still very much around today. In fact, if you go to The Landmark, you'll see a lot of mini skirts, hot pants, and the Peter Pan collar.

This sheer blouse looks like a throwback from the 60s. With its white collar and bright color, it looks like something my Mom would wear when she was in her 20s. (Which, in fact, she was during the 60s.)

Keeping with the bright colored theme, I found a pair of teal trousers with a white belt to complete the look.

The combination is a nod to the 60s but made current for the 10s. And it's a look that I think Mary Quant would like, too.

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