Friday, December 07, 2012

FMM: Last Christmas

As the first week of December comes to a close, I can really feel the spirit of Christmas wafting in the air. It's in the mood of the people, the bright lights around the office building, the crowds inside the mall - they all add up to one thing.

Christmas is here!

And one of my favorite Christmas songs from decades back is this Tagalog ditty from Kuh Ledesma entitled "Nakaraang Pasko."

(video from youtube)

This song reminds me of our Christmases back in Tomas Morato. I was still a young boy then, and we had a cassette tape of this song. I remember how it was Ate Lissa's favorite, and she would play it every so often.

Nothing like "Nakaraang Pasko" to liven up this Christmas season.

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