Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oats taking

As I've written in many, many entries, I'm a big fan of Chocolate Milk. Aside from that, I'm also a huge fan of oatmeal.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to the supermarket and found this:

It's Chocolate Milk with Oats! It's a new product from Oishi called Choco Chug, and I immediately had to buy a pack and try it!

I'm so glad I did! The chocolate milk flavor is rich, and there are little bits of oat that add texture to every sip. This combination makes it both unusual and special, and it's worth a return purchase.

While I'm not replacing Magnolia Chocolait and Knick Knacks X-Blast anytime soon (they're the gold standard in chocolate milk drinks in my book,) the product will definitely be in rotation.

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